Automatic Hair Curler Zero Damage

Sold By MERKANTFY - Shipped By Merkantfy Logist™


1. Control the hair at 60%-70% of humidity of the zone.

2. Make stick according to the shape that you want.

A. Count the stick with cirde that you want.

B. Aelect the stick flow direction of veins.

C. Select the stick according to the different flowered shape size.


3. Select the liquid medicine and the time according to the hair.

Colding perm time:

Healthy hair 15-25 mins, 

Demaged hair: 8-15 mins.

Hotting perm time: Healthy hair 8-15 mins,

Demaged hair: 5-10 mins. 

4. Wash and clean the hair

5. Dry the hair with towel after then fix the shape 8-15mins.

6. Remove the stick,washing hair and styling hair.