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Augason Farm’s Fiesta Pail is an emergency food supply that adds some “pizzazz” to your food storage. It has all the fixin’s to prepare over 100 delicious Mexican food favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner not to mention several amazing appetizers. Simply mix and match the ingredients using your unique culinary spin and your options are endless. If you love Mexican Food, this is the bucket for you. The best thing about this bucket is the flexibility to make it your way. To get you started, we’ve included a “Fiesta Menu” with several great recipe prep instructions for favoritess that will detail how to make all of the foods you know and love so much. Prepare entrées like Chicken Fajitas, Vegetarian Tacos, Bean Burritos, Enchiladas, Breakfast Burritos, Nachos and QuesadillasQuesadillas, Chicken Fajitas, Tacos, Cheesy Nachos, Enchiladas, Bean and Cheese Burritos—all of which can be personalized with in your own signature style! To round off the endless entrée possibilities, the Fiesta Bucket includes delicious Spanish Rice and Refried Beans to enjoy as side dishes or ingredients to your favorite entrées. This Fiesta bucket offers 8 Hearty Chicken Fajitas, 8 Soft Tacos, 16 Bean Burritos, 16 Enchiladas, 12 Eggs with TVP Bacon, not to mention the Spanish Rice, and delicious snacks like Corn Chips, Cheese Sauce and Salsa. This kit specially offers TVP= Textured Vegetable Protein, which is a premium protein product that gives the great taste that you love, still gives you a good source of protein and it is meat free. All ingredients are packaged in individual mylar pouches and sealed in easy-to-transport pails. With this kind of convenience and extended shelf life, it’s easy to see how this bucket is perfect for an everyday Mexican fiesta or long-term emergency food supply. If you love Mexican Food, this is the Fiesta Pail is for you! With 12 food varieties, 96 total servings and 12,800 total calories, this an excellent choice for long-term food storage, emergency food supplies, camping and everyday use. Whether meals are prepared in an emergency situation or enjoyed as every day meals, Augason Farm’s Fiesta Pail supply provides everything you need to prepare countless varieties of Mexican-food meals. About Augason Farms: Family owned and operated since 1972, Augason Farms believes that great taste is a tradition worth preserving. Crafted with a focus on taste and nutrition, their products are manufactured to the highest standards. Whether enjoying Augason Farm’s products for everyday meals or keeping them as an emergency food supply for use years down the road, you can be confident that Augason Farm’s long-term food storage products are guaranteed for quality and taste every time. *Shelf life ranges from 10 to 30 years based on food type. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F.  Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.